Employment Opportunities

Please note that we, as owners of Historic Houseparts, Inc. are taking COVID19 very seriously and preserving the health of our staff, families, and customers is vitally important to us. We have a strict mask and social distancing policy at our business, for both staff members and customers. We want to ensure that everyone who enters our business feels safe and comfortable, so the policy will continue to be enforced as long as these mitigation actions are recommended. 

Preservation Intern

Our Preservation Intern position is a paid position geared towards teaching young adults about historic preservation through hands-on learning, utilizing traditional techniques and products. Through these 6-month internship positions we hope to instill a basic knowledge of the parts of historic buildings by teaching the terminology and function of the parts of old houses. With this knowledge it is our hope that these young adults will see the value in the salvage and reuse of historic properties and their parts and carry this with them as they mature and become homeowners, hopefully of their own old houses. Additionally, we hope to introduce young people to a work environment in a small business and teach them the value in supporting their local small businesses and the communities they exist in through community service activities. 

This position is suitable for high school or college students, the schedule is flexible and can be tailored around school schedules. This position requires a minimum weekly commitment of 12 hours and a maximum commitment of 20 hours. This position does require physical activities that includes outdoor work, lifting large items, and the use of products such as paints, solvents, and tools with adult supervision. 

Details of the workload are as follows:

  • Typical tasks involved in this position include assisting staff with the cleaning, sorting, and restoration of the following items:
    • Antique stained glass windows
    • Antique door and cabinet hardware
    • Antique woodwork (doors, mantels, mouldings)
    • Antique plumbing fixtures
    • Antique lighting fixtures
  • Additional tasks may include general retail store activities including cleaning, assisting customers, and inventory activities. 
  • The position may also include assisting with South Wedge community service projects through the Business Association of the South Wedge Area (time paid for by us). These projects include distribution and maintenance of plants and flowers throughout the neighborhood. These activities are seasonally driven.

How to Apply

Please click here for an application, and return the completed application to info@historichouseparts.com. Questions? Please send any questions to the same email address.  

Other Employment Opportunities

Please email us at info@historichouseparts.com for information on part-time or full-time employment opportunities at Historic Houseparts, Inc.