As we start the new year with many of us facing storms, snow, and cold temperatures, I thought you’d like a story that might warm the spirit. It falls into the category of You Never Know!

It involves the “chat” tool on our website. You never know who is going to be at the other end of the chat. Perhaps they’re remodeling an older home or creating a period decor for a film...or writing a book!

One day, someone clicked it and sent an intriguing message. I’m going to let that person pick up the story now. Susan Reiss writes books, specializing in mysteries and historical fiction. Our mutual interest in historical things brought us together:

Hello Everyone! I remember that afternoon when I clicked on the icon minutes before the store’s closing time. I was working on a new book project that was new territory: a historical fiction/mystery that jumped between modern day and the Civil War period. I was overwhelmed by the need for historic details to make the story come alive. 

I found Historic Houseparts through Google and was poking around the site when the little chat icon popped up. Not expecting much in return, I typed that I was an author in need of information about nineteenth century things. It was only a moment when the bot revealed it was a real man. Jim typed: 

“You need to talk to my wife. Give me your email address and I’ll ask her to get in touch with you.”

That was the beginning of a brisk exchange of information, stories, and tidbits that fired my imagination. Over the past months, those exchanges have turned into a raucous friendship that always makes me smile. The knowledge Chris has amassed is impressive. Her resources seem limitless probably due to her creative ways of attacking a question. And her energy always brightens my day.

And the book? Letters in Time was released last May to an enthusiastic response from readers, so enthusiastic that this “stand alone” is now the first book in a new series. Diaries in Time, the second book in the story is coming out on Tuesday, January 11th

Chris and I thought you might be interested in her research approach and my techniques to weave that information to create intriguing characters and an entertaining story. We’ll be blogging about the process over the next few weeks. Hope it feeds your historic appetite.

And it’s Chris again. I've had so much fun researching historical details and sharing information about antique hardware and lighting with Susan for the past year and a half. Historical research is my passion!

Be sure to let us know what you think about our efforts as you read our next few blogs about it. And if you’d like to check out Letters in Timehere is the Amazon link:

Letters In Time by Susan Reiss

Susan tells me that reading Letters in Time will enrich the Diaries in Time reading experience. She doesn’t usually do this, but this story seemed to demand it.

Hope you enjoy the upcoming blogs, books, and historical tidbits!

Happy New Year!


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