A new project has commenced! We have owned this sweet little city cottage since 1994. It was built in 1887, and we've operated it as a single family long term rental since we purchased it. We've done some improvements over the years, we added a full bathroom upstairs (the only full bath was downstairs off the kitchen) and we added a nice salvaged staircase railing to replace the 1970's pine one that someone installed. We updated the kitchen and just rebuilt the deck this past summer. When our tenants decided to buy a house we opted to convert it to short-term rentals instead of long-term. It has close proximity to our other airbnbs and is a short walk to the commercial district in our neighborhood. 

The downside of this cute house: not a lot of architectural interest. The full length windows in the living room are wonderful, and the original 2 over 2 double hung windows throughout are charming. The tiny kitchen has an original tin ceiling, and a floral stained glass transom window that someone installed at some point. It may have been original to the house but the odd location leads us to believe it was added later. The low ceilings make it feel slightly claustrophobic but the generously sized bedrooms and living room make up for that. The original pine floors are beautiful but have some damage we'll need to fix. No closets at all on the first floor, so we need to find a place to hang coats and drop shoes. There is a weird open room next to the staircase that we have always talked about making into a third bedroom, that will need to happen. And we're thinking of adding a fireplace to the living room to make it into a more inviting space.

So our challenge is to keep the character of the house but to add more character, that fits in an 1887 cottage. I call it a cottage, which is not an architectural style, because the house really doesn't fit in any architectural style.  Here are some "before" pictures to give you a taste of it as we begin.