Spread the Love!

Jan 27, 2022

Our favorite picks for Valentine's Day gifts are centered around pampering. To remember friends and family far away, pick up a set of our vintage Valentine's Day postcards to mail some love. These fun and funky designs are reprints of antique postcards that are some of our favorites. 

For Valentine's gifts for those closer to home, we have you covered. We really have everything for a good soak, for you or for your sweetie, or for both of you. Here's what we recommend:

  • Start with the bathtub. If you don't have one, go big or go home! We recommend a double ended slipper tub, choose from a variety of finish options on the feet. We like the sexy black finished tubs the best.
  •  If you are surprising your honey with a new bathtub you probably need flooring too. Stick with the classics: a basketweave mosaic tile in classic black and white. 
  • Once you have the tub sorted out, it is finally time to relax! Try Barr Co.'s original scent bath salts. The warm scent of oatmeal, vanilla, and vetiver is comforting and addictive. 
  • In the cold month of February, we are all thinking ahead to summer gardens, flowers, and sunshine. Try Michel Design Works Water Lilies bubble bath to take the chill off in a warm bubbly bath. 
  • Add a plush bath pillow from Spa Prive to make that bath experience sublime. 
  • How about a 3-wick lavender jar candle from Root Candles to get you really relaxed and set the mood? 
  • Don't forget the champagne! Or at least some champagne soap from Lafco?  
  • Your bath is not complete without the rubber love duck.
  • Use the Formbu bamboo bath caddy to hold that book you've been meaning to read! And the glass of champagne.
  • After your bath, try Beekman 1802's Arcadia body lotion to seal in that lovely moisture from your bath.

You are now completely in Valentine's Day mode. Turn on the Barry White and you have the perfect night in!