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Flat Accent Liner- 1/2" x 6" - Many glazes available

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Flat Accent Liner- 1/2" x 6" - Many glazes available
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$11.68  $8.76
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Flat Accent Liner- 1/2" x 6" - Many glazes available

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Flat Accent Liner- 1/2 x 6"- Available glazes: Gloss White, Gloss Bone, Avalon Gloss, Crackle White, Crackle Black, Gloss Black, Blush Crackle, Butter Crackle, Sky Blue Crackle, Heather Grey Crackle, Celadon Green Crackle, Khaki Crackle, Emerald Green Crackle, Lagoon Blue Crackle, Ginger Crackle, Marine Blue Crackle, Hunter Green Crackle, Midnight Blue Crackle, Garnet Crackle, Satin Black, Satin Ivory, Satin White, Gloss Leather, Concorde Blue Glaze. Please note- crackle glazes must be sealed if used in a wet location. Sold per piece. To see the full color chart of glaze colors, click here.
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Glaze Options
White Crackle (21) (Add $0.67)
Gloss White (10)
Gloss Bone (11)
Avalon Gloss (14) (Add $0.67)
Gloss Black (99) (Add $0.67)
Crackle Black (91) (Add $1.35)
Satin White (15) (Add $0.67)
Satin Black (92) (Add $0.67)
Satin Ivory (Add $0.67)
Blush Crackle (31) (Add $1.35)
Butter Crackle (32) (Add $1.35)
Sky Blue Crackle (33) (Add $1.35)
Heather Gray (41) (Add $1.35)
Celedon Crackel (42) (Add $1.35)
Khaki Crackle (43) (Add $1.35)
Marine Blue Crackle (51) (Add $1.35)
Hunter Green Crackle (52) (Add $1.35)
Midnight Blue Crackle (53) (Add $1.35)
Emerald Green Crackle (61) (Add $1.35)
Lagoon Blue Crackle (62) (Add $1.35)
Ginger Crackle (63) (Add $1.35)
Gloss Leather (54) (Add $1.35)
Gloss Concorde Blue (74) (Add $1.35)
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$11.68 $8.76


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Perfect Match

This dresser was one step away from the dumpster. I found it at a 2nd hand store for $10. After doing a little research, I found this to be salvageable and I was happy to find your website. Your service was fast and great. The pieces matched perfectly.
Kitchen faucet

I just finished installing the faucet and it's very nice. Beautifully machined. It works perfectly.
great hinges

I mistakenly ordered the brushed nickel hinges and called the company right after ordering to change it to the polished nickel hinges. They were awesome in correcting my order and I am thrilled with the quality! I am very impressed and will use them again. So happy I was able to match the hinges I already had for my camper.

So happy with these beautiful knobs! We wanted our bathroom to have a special flair and these cabinet pulls completed the look perfectly. A little smaller than we expected, but still a perfect complement to the look we wanted.
Polished Brass Leg Tub Enclosure Set

I absolutely love the way this looks in my new bathroom. I can't comment on how easy or hard the installation was, since I had it done professionally.
Beautiful piece with historic flair

I absolutely love this addition to my home. I own a home built in 1905 and this was the perfect piece to give it that extra character it needed. People are fascinated every time they come over and end up ringing it over and over again!

So glad to learn about these awesome little tools to help save my walls in my 100 year old house! My large framed art hangs solidly on my walls without dinging them up or leaving nasty holes. What's more, it beats pounding several holes in the walls, should I change my mind about where I want things hung. Thanks!
Great, affordable

I was having trouble sourcing lifts that were good quality, and matched with all of the other hardware in the kitchen. These fit the bill, and were less than half what I have seen elsewhere. They are solid, nicely weighted. Worth knowing that they are cast rather than stamped, so holes can be slightly different from one to another -- means that you have to be careful with measuring and leveling. But the upside is a truly historic and great-looking lift.
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