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Decora:  An alternate name for a rocker or GFCI electrical outlet.

Dentils:  One of a series of small rectangular blocks projecting like teeth from a molding or beneath a cornice.

Diaper: An allover pattern with repeating motifs placed on a rectangular or diagonal grid; often seen on architectural hardware.

Directoire Style: a transitional classicist style, preceding the Empire Style, named after the Directoire rule in France, 1795-1799.

Door Bell Button:  A decorative accent used to replace the button which operates an existing electric doorbell. The buzzer button alone does not make sounds it must be wired to a buzzer and transformer.

Door Casing: The mouldings or trim on either side of a door.

Door Header: The uppermost member of a doorframe, often projecting above the door.

Door Jamb: The vertical members on each side of a door.

Door Plate: The escutcheon plate that a door knob is seated in on a door. It is usually larger than a rosette. Back plates come in many different sizes and shapes, they are most often made from cast or stamped iron, brass, or bronze and range from plain to highly ornate.

Door Rail: The horizontal members of a door connecting the hinge and lock stiles.

Door Rose:  Also known as a rosette or escutcheon, this is the round escutcheon plate that a door knob is seated in on a door.  They are most often made from from cast or stamped iron, brass, or bronze and range from plain to highly ornate.

Door Set:  A set of parts for one door including door handles and back plates and depending upon the function (passage, privacy or dummy) may also include a latch, lock, strike plate and/or dummy spindles.

Door Stile: The vertical members of a door connecting the rails.

Dormer Window: A vertical window installed in a steeply pitched roof under a small gable.

Double Cylinder: Keyed cylinders on the inside and outside of an entry door that operate a deadbolt. This is commonly used on entry doors with glass in them.

Double Hung Window:  Double hung windows have top and bottom sashes that slide up and down to open or close.

Drop: An ornamental piece suspended from an overhang; also the measurement of downward projection of a light fixture from the ceiling.

Drop Pull: A cabinet hardware piece that consists of a mounting bolt, an escutcheon, and a teardrop shaped pendant.

Dummy Set: Door knob or lever trim that is surface mounted to a door and does not operate a latch.

Dummy Spindle:  A threaded rod that is mounted onto a door and then finished with an escutcheon plate or rose and a doorknob to pull open a door that is not operated with a latch that is mounted into the lock rail. These can also be non-threaded, instead using a set screw threaded into the side of both the doorknob and spindle.

Duplex Switch Plate:  Metal cover plate which has two cutouts aligned vertically to cover a duplex receptacle which is a standard electrical outlet.

Dust Corners:  Small decorative accents for stairways which keep the dust out of the corners.

Edge Pull:  Retractable handle which mounts flush on the edge of a pocket door to allow the door to be pulled out of the wall pocket.

Edison Bulb: A low wattage carbon filament light bulb that emits a soft glow and is ideal for antique light fixtures. These are long life bulbs that can be installed pointing up or down.

Egg and Dart: A classical design motif. An egg-shaped ornament alternating with a dart-like ornament used to enhance mouldings on furniture and woodwork.

Entry Handle:  A door handle usually mounted on a large back plate which is used for dummy doors or doors that do not latch.

Entry Mortise Lock: A large mortise lock that is typically installed into an exterior door and is operated by knobs, levers or thumb latches and has either a modern keyed cylinder or a skeleton key operated deadbolt.

Escutcheon:  A decorative cover plate; this term is used to refer to a door keyhole, a door rose, a door backplate, and porcelain plumbing cover plates.

Espagnolette: A cremone bolt used for French or casement windows or doors.


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