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Lift-Off Hinges allow for ease of removal when faced with painting or maintenance.
Lift Off Hinge Pair RIGHT
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Lift Off Hinge Pair RIGHT
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Lift Off Hinge Pair RIGHT
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Lift Off Hinge Pair RIGHT

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3-1/2" Lift Off Hinge, right hand,sold in pairs and includes screws for mounting. Raw Cast iron with old iron finish, lacquered top coat, zinc plated screws. To determine the handing you need, stand with the door swinging away from you, and the side with the hinges is the hand of the hinges that you need. For example, if you stand on the outside of a door that swings in and the hinges are on the right, use the right-hand hinges. Typical use of this hinge is for interior doors that are 1-3/8" thick and up to 36" wide. Three hinges per door is recommended for standard sizes up to 80" inches high. U. S. standard hinge locations are 5" from top of door, 10" from bottom of door, and centered between the top and bottom hinge. Hinge and screws are not security-rated and depending on the installation, it may be possible to lift the door off the hinges. Hinges are raw cast iron with a lacquer finish and not suitable for outdoor use. Size of hinges will vary slightly so it is important to mark and cut mortises individually for each hinge. The hinge half with the pin is attached to the jamb. Each hinge pair includes both Phillips and slotted screws.
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Lift Off Hinge Pair RIGHT
Lift Off Hinge Pair RIGHT
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