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Deco Polished Nickel Toggle / GFCI Forged Switchplate
$16.73  $13.05
Deco Polished Nickel Pushbutton / GFCI Forged Switchplate
$22.33  $17.42
Deco Polished Nickel Single Cable Forged Switchplate
$13.93  $10.87
Deco Polished Nickel Single Toggle/ Single Duplex Forged Switchplate
$16.73  $13.05
Deco Polished Nickel Single Pushbutton/ Single Duplex Forged Switchplate
$22.33  $17.42
Deco Polished Nickel Single Blank Forged Switchplate
$13.93  $10.87
Deco Polished Nickel Triple Pushbutton/ Single GFCI Forged Switchplate
$46.13  $35.98
Deco Polished Nickel Quad GFCI Forged Switchplate
$36.33  $28.34
Deco Polished Nickel Quad Toggle Forged Switchplate
$33.53  $26.15
Deco Polished Nickel Quad Pushbutton Forged Switchplate
$37.73  $29.43
Deco Polished Nickel Triple Pushbutton/ Single Duplex Forged Switchplate
$46.13  $35.98
Deco Polished Nickel Triple GFCI Forged Switchplate
$24.50  $19.11
Deco Polished Nickel Triple Toggle Forged Switchplate
$24.50  $19.11
Deco Polished Nickel Triple Pushbutton Forged Switchplate
$29.33  $22.88
Deco Polished Nickel Double Pushbutton/ Single GFCI Forged Switchplate
$36.33  $28.34
Deco Polished Nickel Double GFCI Forged Switchplate
$16.73  $13.05
Deco Polished Nickel Double Duplex Forged Switchplate
$16.73  $13.05
Deco Polished Nickel Double Toggle Forged Switchplate
$16.73  $13.05
Deco Polished Nickel Double Pushbutton Forged Switchplate
$22.33  $17.42
Deco Polished Nickel Double Pushbutton/ Single Duplex Forged Switchplate
$36.33  $28.34
Deco Polished Nickel Single GFCI Forged Switchplate
$13.93  $10.87
Deco Polished Nickel Single Duplex Forged Switchplate
$13.93  $10.87
Deco Polished Nickel Single Toggle Forged Switchplate
$13.93  $10.87
Deco Oil Rubbed Bronze Single Pushbutton Forged Switchplate
$16.73  $13.05
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Great, affordable

I was having trouble sourcing lifts that were good quality, and matched with all of the other hardware in the kitchen. These fit the bill, and were less than half what I have seen elsewhere. They are solid, nicely weighted. Worth knowing that they are cast rather than stamped, so holes can be slightly different from one to another -- means that you have to be careful with measuring and leveling. But the upside is a truly historic and great-looking lift.
Stunningly beautiful

Extremely pleased. We needed a narrow piece on the receptor side because of modern doubled glazed windows, and this fit the bill perfectly. Had to search a long time to find this piece and so glad I found it here, at last. Looks absolutely gorgeous and original in our Edwardian home. Highly recommend! Quality and function is outstanding. Had questions about the item and got prompt and thorough response; great customer service. Would gladly order again.
Great item!

Perfect piece for the icebox I refinished that came out of my childhood home! Made the icebox look like it did when it came out of the factory.
Worked like a charm!

We recently experienced a very large chip in our tub. It had started to rust and that made us very unhappy. Porcafix was very easy to use and the tub looks great!
Just perfect

I can't recommend this bin pull highly enough. Solid, heavy feel and beautiful shape and finish. The polished nickel looks far more expensive than it is. These were the perfect smaller scale for our drawers in our updated "vintage" kitchen of our 1923 Craftsman home. So glad to find these!
High quality - holds up well

We installed these numbers on our main house in 2011 and they look brand new to this day. Very happy with the weight and quality. Very durable and they look modern and fantastic. We purchased a second set for our back unit in 2018 because we are so happy with them. Great service from Historic House Parts too!
Add a little splash of blue!

Sorry – took forever to find a window to get this installed – but I finally did – AND LOVE the results! I just love blue glass – so this hardware was such fun to find – thanks for offering it! You offered unique, quality made products - and you delivered! Great quality, great looks, great price! Installation was quick and easy!
Perfect Match

This dresser was one step away from the dumpster. I found it at a 2nd hand store for $10. After doing a little research, I found this to be salvageable and I was happy to find your website. Your service was fast and great. The pieces matched perfectly.
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