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Deco Antique Brass Toggle / GFCI Forged Switchplate
$16.73  $13.05
Deco Antique Brass Pushbutton / GFCI Forged Switchplate
$22.33  $17.42
Deco Antique Brass Single Cable Forged Switchplate
$13.93  $10.87
Deco Antique Brass Single Toggle/ Single Duplex Forged Switchplate
$16.73  $13.05
Deco Antique Brass Single Pushbutton/ Single Duplex Forged Switchplate
$22.33  $17.42
Deco Antique Brass Single Blank Forged Switchplate
$13.93  $10.87
Deco Antique Brass Triple Pushbutton/ Single GFCI Forged Switchplate
$46.13  $35.98
Deco Antique Brass Quad GFCI Forged Switchplate
$36.33  $28.34
Deco Antique Brass Quad Toggle Forged Switchplate
$33.53  $26.15
Deco Antique Brass Quad Pushbutton Forged Switchplate
$37.73  $29.43
Deco Antique Brass Triple Pushbutton/ Single Duplex Forged Switchplate
$46.13  $35.98
Deco Antique Brass Triple GFCI Forged Switchplate
$24.50  $19.11
Deco Antique Brass Triple Toggle Forged Switchplate
$24.50  $19.11
Deco Antique Brass Triple Pushbutton Forged Switchplate
$29.33  $22.88
Deco Antique Brass Double Pushbutton/ Single GFCI Forged Switchplate
$36.33  $28.34
Deco Antique Brass Double GFCI Forged Switchplate
$16.73  $13.05
Deco Antique Brass Double Duplex Forged Switchplate
$16.73  $13.05
Deco Antique Brass Double Toggle Forged Switchplate
$16.73  $13.05
Deco Antique Brass Double Pushbutton Forged Switchplate
$22.33  $17.42
Deco Antique Brass Double Pushbutton/ Single Duplex Forged Switchplate
$36.33  $28.34
Deco Antique Brass Single GFCI Forged Switchplate
$13.93  $10.87
Deco Antique Brass Single Duplex Forged Switchplate
$13.93  $10.87
Deco Antique Brass Single Toggle Forged Switchplate
$13.93  $10.87
Deco Antique Brass Single Pushbutton Forged Switchplate
$16.73  $13.05
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What People Are Saying

So happy with these beautiful knobs! We wanted our bathroom to have a special flair and these cabinet pulls completed the look perfectly. A little smaller than we expected, but still a perfect complement to the look we wanted.
Good selection...and fast!

The plates look great on our door. Thanks for shipping so fast and for the great and personal service.
Add a little splash of blue!

Sorry – took forever to find a window to get this installed – but I finally did – AND LOVE the results! I just love blue glass – so this hardware was such fun to find – thanks for offering it! You offered unique, quality made products - and you delivered! Great quality, great looks, great price! Installation was quick and easy!
Great find

Most catalogs & stores sell wood knobs of cherry, oak, maple, & sometimes pine. Solid, unfinished walnut is hard to find. Historic Houseparts sells these. They are well made, no defects, & come with screws. Company service is excellent, delivery prompt, exactly as advertised. Highly recommended.
Good Product

Our brand new porcelain sink developed cracks almost immediately after install. The cracks then flaked off until we were left with deep, wide cracks. We needed a filler as part of the repair. This was a Godsend! It went on perfectly. We had to do several applications to fill in the damage, but it was worth it. Highly recommend if you need to fill.
Door Knob Spindle

This worked perfectly. Exactly as it should have. I was so shocked to find it online and so inexpensive. I had looked at antique dealers who wanted $20 or more for an old rusty one and I got it here for less than $4. Thank you so much!
Arts and Crafts Numbers

It has been a challenge to find house numbers in an Arts and Crafts Style that actually look like it was original to the time period. These numbers hit the nail on the head. I get nervous about buying things online and hope that they look good and these house numbers did not disappoint. I love the finish on them as well. I would purchase from Historic House Parts again!
great hinges

I mistakenly ordered the brushed nickel hinges and called the company right after ordering to change it to the polished nickel hinges. They were awesome in correcting my order and I am thrilled with the quality! I am very impressed and will use them again. So happy I was able to match the hinges I already had for my camper.
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