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Antique 2-Light Brass Electrified Vapor Gas Ceiling Light Fixture by Best Light Co. - Circa 1900

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This is an antique cast brass two arm gas vapor light fixture that was made by the Best Light Co. of Canton, Ohio circa 1900 and has been electrified. This elegant fixture has two antique gas shades that are original and feature an etched fleur-de-lis design on a sandblasted finish. There is a new brass ceiling canopy. 

From the Best Light Co. catalog:

"THE "BEST" INCANDESCENT VAPOR GAS LAMP positively produces the cheapest and strongest light on earth, it is absolutely safe, very brilliant, powerful and steady. It is Infinitely superior to electricity, gas, acetylene, or kerosene. One burner will give as much light as ten ordinary kerosene oil lamps, or six 16-candle power electric light bulbs
or six 16-candle power gas jets, or five 20-candle power acetylene gas Jets, or as much as one hundred candles burning at one time.

As each one hundred candle power burner consumes only one quart of stove gasoline in fifteen hours, it will be readily seen that this light is cheaper than kerosene oil lamps, and the saving effected by the use of this lamp quickly pays for It. Each lamp Is a miniature light works that manufactures and burns its own gas; and as It Is portable, you can hang or set it anywhere. They require no pipes, wires, tubes or machinery of any kind, and are the acme of simplicity In every sense of the word. There are no wicks to trim, no smoke or smell, no dirty greasy chimneys to clean, and they are so simple In construction that anyone can operate them with satisfaction.

When you are In possession of one of these lamps you have simply formed a corporation with yourself and are absolute owner of your own Gas Works. You have no capricious gas meter to contend with. There are no dynamos to burn out and leave you in the dark when the light is most needed. There are no frozen gas pipes In midwinter, but you always have a good, strong, steady white light that can be relied upon. It is exceedingly easy to care for and can be carried about from one place to another because the fixtures are portable. The light can be turned up or down the same as a gas Jet. or an ordinary kerosene oil lamp. When it is turned out. it goes out without flickering or smoking, and does not make a disagreeable noise or odor. With this light it is possible for the farmer of the most humble circumstances, or the country storekeeper to have a light equal to that of the city millionaire, the price being within the reach of all."

This light fixture is suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, and hallways in homes built from 1900 through 1940. Or, it is perfect for your vintage-inspired renovation or new build. It has been rewired using UL listed parts and is ready to install. 

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Please call for dimensions.

This light fixture is in very good condition. 

It has been rewired using UL-listed sockets and wiring unless otherwise indicated. Maximum wattage if using incandescent light bulbs, please do not exceed 60 watts. If using LED or CFL bulbs you may use a higher wattage. We recommend having this light fixture installed by a licensed electrician to ensure your safety.

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