18 Houses in the City of Rochester, NY 


Summer 2015: June and July were very busy months for us here at HHP. Our staff worked on salvaging 18 vintage City houses here in Rochester, NY which was a stretch for our small team and our warehouse too. Our team was able to go in and remove doors, casings, flooring, hardware, windows, light fixtures, heat grates, and other architectural pieces which we've now moved over to our warehouses. Thes buildings were demolished as part of a development project happening in downtown Rochester. We're always sad to see homes that are in restorable condition demolished, but we are also grateful that the developers had the patience and foresight to allow us to purchase salvage rights and get in there to save what we could. Its a hot, sweaty, dirty job to do in the summer months, and it was a very tight schedule, but we did it. 

Some notable items we acquired during this salvage job are an antique oak icebox, many excellent condition unpainted oak interior doors, an elliptical window, many many heat grates which we have sandblasted and are being added to our website shortly.

We welcomed a new staff member, Christopher, in a trial by fire during this project: in an unorthodox move we sent him right out to do salvage work on his first day here. He was a great sport about it and did a really good job. he is now a Hardware Specialist here and if you are calling looking for antique hardware he is probably who you will end up speaking with. He learned more about antique hardware during this salvage job than many people learn in months and he has a great affinity for antique hardware and now much hands-on experience in how things work.

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