The kitchen at the house we purchased in early 2018 was small, dark, and straight out of the 80’s. With three doorways like most old kitchens. Plenty of cabinet space, a large closet filled with dirty glassware and pickles canned in 1997. Virtually no counter space, and ancient appliances. The last renovation, actually in the 1990’s, removed the original doors and windows and added some Pellas and covered up some old yellow plaid wallpaper from the 1950’s or 60’s. The solid surface sink and white faucet were ready to be retired and the dishwasher was actually being used as extra storage. The vinyl floor tiles were worn to the point that the pattern was no longer visible. You see where this is going. Here are some photos of the before:

So it was clear that this room was going to need a complete overhaul. My thought process on the colors: the whole house is oak and chestnut and warm wood tones. So much of it that it’s almost overwhelming. The kitchen needed to be a contrast to that, a visual break from all of that glori