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Gallery of Sold - Antique Pocket Door Hardware
These items are already sold and no longer in our inventory. We leave them available to view as a resource for styles, patterns, and value.
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VPD1110-04: Cast brass set of 4 pocket door pulls, $150 set VPD0625-02: Set of 4 brass Mallory & Wheeler "Arabic" pattern pocket door pulls. Each measures: 4-1/4" x 2-1/8"  $195 set. (This set has gold paint on it) VPD1013-14: Pair of bronze faced pocket door locks for double doors. $275 pair VPD0117-05: Pair of brass plated pocket door plates. 5-3/4" x 2". Depth: 7/16" $55 pair.
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VPD0222-06: Corbin pocket door set with astragal face lock, no strike or catch. $195 set. SOLD VPD0625-06: Here is a great brass set for a single pocket door. Nice Sargent pattern circa 1875, set includes just what you see: 2 plates and one mortise lock. Missing Key and strike plate. $250 SOLD

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VPD0117-01: Pair of unusual c. 1880 Corbin edge pulls with flip out handles. 4-11/16" high x 1" wide. $150 pair SOLD VPD1110-07: Vintage Aesthetic style iron pocket door set, for double doors. Set includes 4 plates and 2 locks, in good working order, no key. $375 set SOLD
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VPD0603-07: "Windsor" pattern double pocket door set, with key. Set is in good working condition, the plates and lock faces are cast iron with some remaining bronze or brass plating. $375 set SOLD VPD0217-04:  Hopkins & Dickinson Double ornate mortise lock pair, $275 pair SOLD VPD0117-01: Pair of brass plated pocket door plates. 2-3/4" square. $65 pair SOLD VPD1110-05: Aesthetic Style Pocket Door plate pair, cast brass $70 pair  SOLD
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VPD0625-01: Nice Set of 4 brass pocket door pulls. Each measures: 1-7/8" x 4-3/4". $135 set of 4.SOLD VDP0916-7: "Broken Leaf" pattern pocket door mortised edge pull and set of flush pulls with keyhole. We do not have the strike. This mortise is for use on an astragal faced pocket door. $125 set.SOLD VPD1110-09:  Vintage pocket door rail and wheel set. 84" rail with 2 wheels. $140 allSOLD VPD0117-02: Butterfly and Bamboo: Astragal front double pocket door lock set, solid brass with classic pattern. No key. Slight bend in faceplate of lock shown on bottom. Locks Size: Faceplate: 1-5/16" x 7-7/8". Case: 5-1/2" x 3-7/16". Backset: 2-3/8". Plates: 5-1/4" high x 2-1/2" wide x 1/2" deep each. $475 setSOLD
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VDP012810-12: Set of Double Pocket Door hardware, pair of locks with set of four flush pulls. Bronze, c. 1880, $495 set SOLD VDP061710-23: Mallory & Wheeler Company's "Arabic pattern double pocket door set, locks only, no flush pulls or key. $325 set SOLD VPD0217-06: Corbin "Colonial" single pocket door set, minus strike plate. Bronze flush plates and locking mortise. $150.SOLD VPD0217-07: Corbin "Colonial" double pocket door plates with some major issues. Two plates to far left are fine. Other two plates are bent or broken, but we can't throw anything away so here they are. $75 for all 4 plates.SOLD
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VPD01309-12: Pair of bronze pocket door flush pulls, 9-1/4" x 2-1/4", $125 pair. SOLD VPD012210-17: Single pocket door lock missing it's strikeplate. Bronze astragal faceplate, with pair of small bronze flush pulls or sash lifts in a great Aesthetic pattern. $245 set. SOLD VPD0919-2: Steel pocket door set, for double doors. Original copper flashed finish is deteriorated, but still a lovely original set WITH KEY. Please note: the faceplate on the bottom of the dummy lock has been repaired, end 1" or so snapped off. $350 set.SOLD VDP020410-8: Corbin's "Florence" pattern double pocket door set, solid brass, includes 4 flush pulls and 2 mortise locks, no keys. c. 1895. $475 set. SOLD
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VPD0523-12: Nashua pocket door set, brass. Key not included in this set. Astragal face. $525 set VPD1110-08: "Windsor" pattern: Beautiful little IRON pocket door set for double doors,  Four plates, mortise, strike. $225 ONE set left, missing strike: $185 VPD010610-5: Set of Sargent double pocket door hardware, c. 1880, includes active mortise lock, dummy mortise, and four flush plates. $425 set. SOLD VDH020310-18: Adams Rite Manufacturing Company one complete "Rite-Lock". Pocket door lock c 1950-60. US3 Polished brass, cylinder lock. No key, and the mechanism is frozen. $10 as is SOLD

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