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Gallery of Sold - Antique Kitchen Sinks
These items are already sold and no longer in our inventory. We leave them available to view as a resource for styles, patterns, and value.
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VKS03170213 $90

25" wide x 22" front to back x 8" overall height SOLD

VKC0212-02: Butlers pantry undermount stainless steel sink. Overall 18" wide by 26" long and the bowl is 5 1/2" deep. $150.00 SOLD VKS071410-06: Interesting little kitchen sink with a deck mount faucet (sold as is) on top of the backsplash in good shape. 42" L by 20" D $425.00 SOLD VKS071410-07: Kohler porcelain over cast iron sink in good condition other then one chip at faucet opening. 42" L by 20" D with a 6 1/2" Backsplash. $325.00 SOLD
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VKS071410-09: Porcelain over stamped steel kitchen sinks 2 to choose from both have a little wear and a couple small pits otherwise in good condition. Both are 54" L one is 24" D the other is 25" D each with a 4" Backsplash. $325.00 Each SOLD VKS032410-12: 1930s Cast iron kitchen sink 59 1/2" L by 22 1/2" D a little staining and a few small pits otherwise in good shape. $725.00 SOLD VKC0715-01: Unusual style on this single bowl dbl drainboard kitchen sink. 60" long by 22 1/2" deep with an 8" backsplash. In very good shape other than a few minor pits in the porcelain. $975.00 SOLD VKS0715-02 Porcelain over stamped steel single bowl double drainboard kitchen sink. 54" L by 24" D with a 4" backsplash and the bowl is 6" deep in very good condition. $350.00 SOLD
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VKS0703-1: 1950's Beauty Queen painted steel cabinet 5' by 24" deep very retro. With a 60" Cast Iron double bowl, double drainboard sink has 4" backsplash and 7" deep bowls. Both in good condition. $875.00SOLD

VKS0208-04: The Ultimate Kitchen Sink! 60" wide x 24 front to back. Cabinet back is labeled "Homart" (made by Sears) Single bowl, double drainboard. Height to top of backsplash is 40". Height to counter level is 36". $1800 SOLD

VKS0330-03: Complete Kitchen circa 1930. Metal upper, lower, pantry, and sink base. Steel sink with porcelain enamel, includes fantastic deco faucet. Label on faucet reads "American Kitchens". The cabinets feature deco knobs made of lucite disks. The metal cabinets are in good condition with no heavily corroded spots. $1650 for complete set. SOLD

VKS051110-02: "Crane" Cast iron kitchen sink 42" W by 20" D with a 12" Backsplash. In good condition other than the four small chips across front lip. $350.00 SOLD
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VKC0212-03: Stainless steel sink of unknown origin. The stainless steel top overall is 18 1/2" by 21" with 8" deep bowl. $175.00 SOLD

VKS1123-01: 1950s retro stainless steel single bowl double drainboard kitchen sink in very good condition. 54" L by 25" D with a 4 1/2" backsplash. $495.00 SOLD

03170224  $95  SOLD VKS0623-01 It's a huge Kohler 6' long cast iron kitchen sink double bowl with double drainboards 25" deep with a 4" backsplash. A little wear and a few pits in the bowl but this beauty will still wash a few dishes. Comes with the new faucet. $895.00 SOLD
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VKS1219-12: Rare yellow kitchen sink with double drain boards, corrosion to bottom edge of front apron, see detail below. Hard to find! 60" wide x 22" front to back, bowl is 21" x 17", backsplash is 10" high. $1400 SOLD


VDF0501-9: Antique porcelain drinking fountain; porcelain has some surface cracks but is solid. $175 SOLD

VKF0117-11: Pair of enamel soda fountain stools. Each have some chips in the enamel, but a classic look nonetheless. Each is 27" high. $275 pair. SOLD VKS0417-06 A little kitchen sink. Some staining a little wear, but will clean up nicely. 42" W by 20" D with 8" Backsplash. $425.00 SOLD
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VKS0327-01: Cast Iron, double bowl/ double drainboard sink with cabinet. Sink in good condition except for gouge in porcelain in RH Bowl. Hardware has been replaced with modern pulls. $875 as is. SOLD

VKS0620-01: Very unusual porcelain over stamped steel kitchen sink. Comes with mounting brackets and a reproduction faucet.  A couple of apologies to the finish but a great find nonetheless. 43" L by 22" D with an 8" Backsplash. $475.00 SOLD
VKS0907-06: American Standard kitchen sink with double detached drainboards. Sink: 29-3/4" wide x 13" high backsplash. Very good condition. Overall: 5' long $875  SOLD

VKS0821-01: 1960's era drop in porcelain over cast iron, 21" x 30" x 9" $150 SOLD
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03170209 $125

33" wide x 22" front to back x 11-1/2" overall height  SOLD

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