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Bar Stool, Classic Teardrop Fountain Stool with Grooved Seat and Back

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Bar Stool, Classic Teardrop Fountain Stool with Grooved Seat and Back
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Bar Stool, Classic Teardrop Fountain Stool with Grooved Seat and Back

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Bar Stool, Classic Teardrop Fountain Stool with Grooved Seat and Back. Revolving seat, optional colored teardrops. Available in 18", 24" and 30" heights. Please disregard shipping amount that appears when you place this item into your cart - actual shipping cost will be emailed to you. Please call us at 888-558-2329 if you would like an estimate. Please contact us if you would like us to send you fabric samples of any of our fabric options.

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Item Options
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Grade 1 Upholstery Options
Ocean Naugahyde-Stratford
Spanish Oak
Wedgewood Spradling-Floridian
Spectra Blue
Deep Navy
Rose Grey
Red Wine
Grade 2 Upholstery Options
Off-White Naugahyde-Rogue II (Add $7.80)
Fawn (Add $7.80)
Tobacco (Add $7.80)
Buckskin (Add $7.80)
Indian Red (Add $7.80)
Crimson (Add $7.80)
Poppy (Add $7.80)
Rose (Add $7.80)
Peach (Add $7.80)
Flint (Add $7.80)
Ninja (Add $7.80)
Blue Mist (Add $7.80)
Turquoise (Add $7.80)
Blue (Add $7.80)
Black (Add $7.80)
Walnut (Add $7.80)
Chalk Morbern-Seabrook (Add $7.80)
Royal (Add $7.80)
Deep Sea (Add $7.80)
Forest (Add $7.80)
Ruby (Add $7.80)
American Beauty (Add $7.80)
Marigold (Add $7.80)
Ebony (Add $7.80)
Porcelain (Add $7.80)
Buff Morbern-Biscayne (Add $7.80)
Salmon (Add $7.80)
Apricot (Add $7.80)
Seafoam (Add $7.80)
Aqua Green (Add $7.80)
Teal (Add $7.80)
Ash (Add $7.80)
Cool Gray (Add $7.80)
Grade 3 Upholstery Options
Adobe White Naugahyde- Spirit II (Add $15.81)
Dove (Add $15.81)
Greystone (Add $15.81)
Graphite (Add $15.81)
Blue Ridge (Add $15.81)
Royal (Add $15.81)
Imperial Blue (Add $15.81)
Black (Add $15.81)
Yew Green (Add $15.81)
Forest (Add $15.81)
China Green (Add $15.81)
Grotto (Add $15.81)
Turquoise (Add $15.81)
Crocus (Add $15.81)
Mauve (Add $15.81)
Claret (Add $15.81)
Mandarin Orange (Add $15.81)
Tomato (Add $15.81)
American Beauty (Add $15.81)
Rust (Add $15.81)
Claret (Add $15.81)
Plum (Add $15.81)
Burgundy (Add $15.81)
Mocha (Add $15.81)
Flatrock Naugahyde-Neochrome II (Add $15.81)
Seafoam (Add $15.81)
Juniper (Add $15.81)
Peacock (Add $15.81)
Aquadark (Add $15.81)
Soft Peach (Add $15.81)
Tea Rose (Add $15.81)
Purple Gray (Add $15.81)
Port (Add $15.81)
Ruby (Add $15.81)
Grade 5 Upholstery Options
Hot Pink Zodiac (Add $32.56)
Fuschia Zodiac (Add $32.56)
Burgundy Zodiac (Add $32.56)
Blue Zodiac (Add $32.56)
Cascade Zodiac (Add $32.56)
Green Zodiac (Add $32.56)
Charcoal Zodiac (Add $32.56)
Gold Zodiac (Add $32.56)
Silver Zodiac (Add $32.56)
Yellow Cracked Ice (Add $32.56)
Red Cracked Ice (Add $32.56)
Gray Cracked Ice (Add $32.56)
Naugahyde-English Pub (Add $32.56)
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Excellent product & customer service

Despite being backordered, I received my knobs with a fairly quick turnaround. They are heavy and well-made. I'm very happy with these in our kitchen!
Great candles!

I purchased these candle covers to replace the ugly gold ones on my dining room chandelier. They make my 15 year old chandelier look like new!
Add a little splash of blue!

Sorry – took forever to find a window to get this installed – but I finally did – AND LOVE the results! I just love blue glass – so this hardware was such fun to find – thanks for offering it! You offered unique, quality made products - and you delivered! Great quality, great looks, great price! Installation was quick and easy!
Exactly what we needed

We had acquired 2 original 1930s dressers which had Bakelite handles that were hopelessly worn out beyond repair. We needed a replacement that would not only fit the style but also the color. These worked perfectly in all respects. The pieces look beautiful and the handles honored the 30s Art Deco style. They are also good quality and well made.
Perfect addition to any home

I got this piece to go along with our turn that we also purchased and this is absolutely beautiful. Easy install and a wonderful, historically accurate addition to my home.
Forest Green Glass Bridge Pull, Brass Base

PERFECT! I thought I was taking a risk buying from outside the country. I was wrong. The pulls are perfect, just what I was looking for. Makes my kitchen look good. Product, packageing, and shipping all done professionally. I would buy again no problem. Cheers, Jonn
High Quality Authentic Appearing Cabinet Knob

Like so many of the repros at Historic Houseparts, this repro is VERY authentic appearing & high quality. Nothing available elsewhere at even close the price.

We are renovating our house in Redondo Beach, a 100 year old beach bungalow that was stuccoed. We re-faced the exterior to shingles (previously clapboard) and we are keeping the plastered walls and putting your hinges on all of the interior doors. Thanks!
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