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Antique Exterior Mortise Lock
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Antique Exterior Mortise Lock
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Antique Exterior Mortise Lock
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Antique Exterior Mortise Lock

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This is an exterior mortise lock. An exterior mortise lock is a lock which is used on an exterior door that has been cut with a pocket or hole into which the lock is to be fitted. Exterior locks are used to both latch and lock the door. Exterior mortise locks commonly include a doorknob hub, through which a doorknob spindle is installed and doorknobs are mounted on each side and secured into place with pins or set screws; a thumbturn hub which accommodates an thumbturn which in turn throws the deadbolt to lock and unlock the door from the inside of the house, and either a keyhole for an old-fashioned skeleton or bit key or a circular hole for a cylinder lock. A cylinder lock is a lock constructed with a cylinder that a locksmith can easily unscrew to facilitate rekeying. The cylinder may contain any of a variety of locking mechanisms, including the pin tumbler lock, the wafer tumbler lock and the disc tumbler lock. Antique cylinders missing the key can be taken to a locksmith to have a new key cut.

Mortise locks have specific dimensions including backset, the measurement from the edge of the faceplate (the strip that shows when the mortise lock is installed in the door) to the center of the doorknob hub; and spacing, the measurement from the center of the doorknob hub to the center of the round part of the keyhole. The dimensions were not standardized in the 19th century so it is important to note the dimensions of your door prior to purchasing a mortise lock.

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Antique Exterior Mortise Lock
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