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The items shown on this page are antique items, being sold as is, in the conditions and limited quantities shown unless otherwise indicated. Please email us or call us at 888.558.2329 to inquire about availability, request additional information or photos, or to purchase these items.
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VWW052511-01:  Seaside shutters for the beach lover in all of us. Each is 19 3/8”W by 49 ¾”T $85.00 pr SOLD

VWW05251-02:  These clover leaf shutters will have you feeling green like the Irish. Each is 16” W by 53 ¾” T $90.00 pr SOLD VWW052511-03:  Just a sliver of moon showing here. 2 Pair available each is 19” W by 47” T $75.00 pr SOLD

VWW052511-04:  2 pair of interior white shutters available. Each is 16 ¾” W by 32 ¾” T $60.00 pr SOLD

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VWW052511-05:  Misc decorative shutters $45.00 for the shorty and the taller is $35.00

VWW052511-06:  Pine interior shutters 1 pair available in good condition. Overall 36 ½” W by 44 3/4” T $70.00 pr

VWW052511-07:  Pine interior shutters 1 pair available. Overall 36 ½” W by 43” T $70.00 pr

VWW052511-08: Pine interior shutters 1 pair available. Overall 32 5/8” W by 43” T $70.00 pr

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VWW052511-09:  Vintage exterior shutters many other sizes and styles available. Email us to see if we have your sizes available.

VWW110111-01 Gargantuan Wood shutters from an old church. 9’ 6” T by 17” W Several to choose from. $55 to $95 each.

VWW062012-01: The swans have arrived that are gracing this nice set of 6 exterior shutters in good condition. Will sell separately $45.00 each

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