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The items shown on this page are antique items, being sold as is, in the conditions and limited quantities shown unless otherwise indicated. Please email us or call us at 888.558.2329 to inquire about availability or shipping, request additional information or photos, or to purchase these items.
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VCR0716-03 Cast Iron Radiator 26" by 26" nicely detailed would look great stripped and refinished $150.00 SOLD
VCR0814-01 Vintage steam cast iron radiators 2 to choose from. Nicely detail.
53" long by 23" tall and 7 1/2" deep. $275.00 each SOLD

VCR0814-02 Vintage steam cast iron radiators 4 to choose from. Nicely detailed. 23' long 23" tall by 7 1/2" deep. $175.00 each

VCR0603-01 Best we have seen in a while! Vintage single pipe steam radiators. 7 available made by the American radiator company in the Rococo style these are in excellent condition with the original paint still intact. Prices start at $200.00 (Smallest) to $625.00 (Largest) EMAIL US for other individual or lot pricing. SOLD

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VCR082611-01: Cast iron wall hung hot water radiator with wall hanging brackets. In good condition. 34” L by 14” T and 3” D $95 VCR082611-02: 4 Tube cast iron wall hung hot water radiator with wall hanging brackets. In good condition. 17” L by 20” T $125

VCR082611-03: 4 Tube cast iron wall hung hot water radiator with wall hanging brackets. In good condition. 35” L by 21 “ T $175

VCR082611-04 Very interesting “Arco Convector” in wall cast iron radiant heaters 4 to choose from. 2 @ 25 ½” L by 6” deep and 2 @ 21” L by 4” d Height is adjustable. $195  larger each   $125 smaller each

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VCR051713-9: Radiator handle, new old stock, $10 each, we have three available.  
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VCR053012-01 Field of hot water radiators 78 of them to be exact. We recently salvaged these beauties saving them from the scrapper. All were well maintained and range in size from 22” – 54” long by 26” tall and a couple of taller ones thrown in the mix. Range in price from $125.00 - $395.00

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VCR113012-03  These are wood radiator covers, painted black with intricate carvings. 2 available, sold separately. Will cover radiators up to 35” L, 30” H, and 12” D  $150.00 each


120412-01 2 little radiators available the larger is 24” L by 12” T by 3” thick, $125.00, Smaller is 18” L by 12” T and 3” thick, $100.00. Both in good condition.
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rads6.jpg (27279 bytes) rads7.jpg (37667 bytes) Crazy Jim, the Radiator King
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VCR032813-07 2 Cast iron radiator covers in good condition. All they need is a sandblast and paint. Small one fits a 6” W by 19 ¾” L ($95.00) Radiator and the larger fits a 9 ¾” W by 36” L $150.00

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Antique Radiators

Before you call or email us looking for radiators, Jim needs to know:

-Do you need "steam" or "hot water" radiators?

-What size radiator do you need, overall width x height x depth?

Meanwhile, if you have a specific size radiator that you need, EMAIL US and we can check our inventory, which changes daily. Please keep in mind that shipping on the radiators is very expensive! We do have deliveries to the NY, PA, MA, NJ, and OH regions leaving regularly so we can often arrange delivery for a fee. Radiators shown are representative of our inventory at any given time. We salvage both steam and hot water radiators. Sandblasting services can be arranged. Radiators range in price from $100 - $750 depending upon size and level of ornamentation.