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The items shown on this page are antique items, being sold as is, in the conditions and limited quantities shown unless otherwise indicated. Please email us or call us at 888.558.2329 to inquire about availability, request additional information or photos, or to purchase these items.
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VFM0430-01: Vintage painted slate mantel. Could be a nice mantel piece or shelf. 61 1/4" T by 12" W $100.00

VFM0430-02:  Vintage polished slate mantel blue grey in color some interesting black striations. 58" L by 10 3/4" W $125.00 SOLD

VFM0429-02: Vintage Quartersawn oak mantel with beveled oval mirror. Already stripped and ready to be refinished. Some pieces of the applique' missing. A great mantel nonetheless. 66" W by 79 3/4" T opening is 41 1/2" W by 39" T. $1,495.00

VFM0430-03:  Quartersawn oak fireplace mantel made by Knoxville Furniture Company. Beveled glass mirror framed by egg and dart trim with partially fluted columns. 60" W by 81 1/2" T $1,100.00 

Row 2
VFM0721-08: Maple, 41" wide x 38-3/4" high opening, 59" wide x 79-3/4" high overall x 11-1/2" deep. $850

VFW082311-05  Oak mantel circa 1900, in very good shape. Has a beveled glass mirror and check out the fine details in extra photos. 60” W by 84” T, opening is 41 ½” W by 38 ¼” T $1,650.00 SOLD

VFM0314-07 Hard to find marble fireplace medallions, 9 ½ tall x 7 ¼ wide; $95 each

VFM0429-03: Vintage marble mantel top, use as a shelf or mantel 11 3/4" W by 67"L  $175.00 SOLD

Row 3

VFM1119-02: Pine Mantel. Overall dimensions are 60" wide by 48" tall. Inside dimensions are 40 1/2" wide by 35 1/2" tall $400.00 SOLD

VFM0511-06: Oak with beveled mirror, 58" wide x 84" high x 12-1/2" projection. Opening is 47-1/4" x 43-1/2", $1300. VFM0120-02: Slate mantel with painted finish, worn in a few spots, $675

VFM0907-11: 88-1/2" wide x 60" high, opening is 65-1/4" wide x 38-1/2" high, $850

Row 4
VFM0511-02: Painted Oak with beveled mirror, 54" wide x 84" high x 12" projection. Opening is 44-1/2" x 43-1/2", $875. VFM0511-05: Painted Chestnut, 63-1/4" wide x 52" high x 12" projection. Opening is 47-1/4" x 43-1/2", $495 VFM0812-02 Painted oak mantel in good condition other than the paint job. Overall size is 60" W by 48" T opening is 41 3/4" W by 36" T  $395.00 SOLD VFM0812-01 Chestnut mantel in good condition. Overall size is. 60" W by 48" T opening is 41 1/2" W by 36" T $425.00 SOLD
Row 5
VFM051110-01: Vintage painted pine fireplace mantel in good condition. 55" W by 49" T opening is 30" W by 32" T. $350.00 SOLD

VFM101911-03 Nice oak mantel stripped and ready for refinishing wood is in good condition. 60” W by 48 ¼” T Opening is 41 ½” W by 35 ¾” T $575.00 SOLD


VFM082610-03 Very nice mantel stripped almost ready for a finish. Needs a little piece of wood repair other then that its in good shape with fluted columns and carved capitals. 58" W by 49 1/2" T opening is 41 1/2" by 38 1/2". $550.00 SOLD

VFM082610-02  Painted gothic style mantel 66" W by 54 1/2" T opening is 42" W by 36" T. $595.00
Row 6
VFM082610-05 Very good pine mantel with some nice rosette details. 53" L by 47 W opening is 30 1/4" W by 33 1/2" L. $525.00 SOLD VFM082610-04 Simple pine mantel. Some repairs made needs to be refinished.  56 1/2" W by 50 T opening is 31 3/4" W by 33 1/2" T. $400.00

VFM051211-01 Beautiful quarter sawn oak fireplace mantel. With a great serpentine mirror carved appliqués and capitals. Paint has been stripped and is ready for refinishing. In overall excellent condition other than a little damage on top corner see photo. This is the perfect mantel for your Victorian home. 60” W by 86”T the opening is 41 ½” W by 38 ¾” T.  $1,795.00 SOLD

VFM030212-03 Marble mantel the major components are intact and in okay condition just need a good cleaning and polish although does have a couple of broken side pieces. Over dimensions are Top 58 ½” L and 46” T $695.00



Row 7

VFM030212-08 Not a vintage mantel probably from the 1960s. We liked it with all the ornate carvings maybe you will to. In very good condition. 71” L by 49” T the opening is 48 ½” W by 35” T $895.00 SOLD
VFM070512-01 Fiberglass and plaster fireplace mantel it isn’t vintage but we thought it was interesting. Has some pretty nice Greek inspired details, see photos. This one is a very long 70”W by 46 ½” T and the opening is 42 ¾” W by 30” T. Overall in very good condition. $695.00

VFM062812-01 Vintage fireplace mantel once had several coats of paint covering over quartersawn
oak so we had it stripped and it is ready for refinishing. Simple in style with original mirror 54” W y 71 ¼” T opening is 35 ¼” W by 39 ¼” T $825.00

VHM071912-01  Not sure of its original use but check out the very detailed carved lions heads along with the other complex carvings on this piece. We think it is made of cherry. Could be used as a small mantel or? Stands 38 3/8” W by 57 5/8” T the opening is 32 ¾” W by 35” T $1250 SOLD



Row 8

VHM071912-02: Fantastic Richardsonesque styled sideboard top, less the sideboard. Made of quarter sawn oak, check out the detailing on the piece from the carved appliques to the intricate scrollwork and turnings. With a beveled glass mirror. This would make a nice backbar to your small bar. 69 3/8” W by 37 ¾” T and 14” deep $675 SOLD

VFM112112-04: Large painted poplar mantel simply designed. 81” L by 59” T, opening size is 57” L by 40 ½” T. $475.00

VFM112112-02: Painted poplar mantel clean design with fanlight center piece. 67” L by 55” W, opening size is 46” w by 35” T. $850.00

VFM112112-01: Simple and clean is how we describe this mantel. Possible made of walnut. In good shape. 73 ¾” long by 55 ¾” tall, opening size is 52” wide by 40 ½” tall. $450.00

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VFM112112-07: If you need a large simple mantel this is it. Made of oak and chestnut. 100” L by 57” T, opening size is 77” W by 41” T. $295.00

VFM112112-03: Another painted poplar mantel elegantly designed to grace any living room, If you like birds and baths this one is for you, with a little swag. 78” L by 54” T, opening size is 50” W by 31” T. $850.00
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Antique Fireplace Mantels