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The items shown on this page are antique items, being sold as is, in the conditions and limited quantities shown unless otherwise indicated. Please email us or call us at 888.558.2329 to inquire about availability, request additional information or photos, or to purchase these items.
What does on center mean? That is the measurement from the center of one mounting hole to the center of the other mounting hole.
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Row 1
VDP042210-2: Set of 8 stamped solid brass drawer pulls, 3" on center, $48 set. VDP07159-27: Set of 4 North Wind face drawer pulls, brass, 3" on center. $60 set VDP120710-22: Set of three stamped brass drawer pull, 3" on center. $40 set. VDP10309-6: Pair of oversized brass ring pulls. Suitable for a large piece of cabinetry such as an armoire. Belgian, $90 pair. SOLD
Row 2
VDP07159-24: Set of 3 drawer pulls, 1-1/2" on center, $24 set SOLD VDP081811-10: Set of 9 brass drawer pulls and backplates. 2 sizes: 2-3/4" on center and 3-1/2" on center. 2 sizes of rosettes, missing one of the smaller ones but two extra of the larger size. $40 set. SOLD VDP07159-11: Set of 4 brass 3" on center Victorian drawer pulls, one has a replacement bail pull on it, $50 set of 4 VDP081811-9: Set of 3 brass drawer pulls, hard to find size of 2" on center. $30 set of 3.
Row 3
VBH1024-14: Pair of Bronze ormolu, large, $135 pair, Belgian.

VDP061711-1: Four  large black walnut drawer pulls, 7.5" wide x 2" high $60 SOLD VDP121810-19:  Nice set of 20 nickel plated single post pulls, in excellent condition. $200 for the lot. VDP08189-4: Set of 4 bronze Mission style single post pulls $48 set
Row 4
VBH3436: Bronze ormolu, Belgian, oak leaves and acorns. $40 VDP011910-14: Set of 4 brass ring pulls $35 set VDP0810-11: Set of 6 (ONLY 4 SHOWN) large acorn & leaf pulls, most likely off a trunk. Symbols on bails suggest these represent a fraternal organization. $135 set of 6 VDP040110-17: Set of four large forged bronze ring pulls, backplates are 2-3/4" x 2-3/4" square, ring is 2-3/8" diameter. $80 set. SOLD
Row 5 VH1486_165.JPG (191357 bytes)
VDP012810-5: Pair of brass drawer pulls, 3" on center, $20 pair SOLD VDP0206-08: Cast brass ormolu in a classic Art Nouveau style. 2-1/4" wide x 2-1/2" high. Set of 6 - $90 SOLD VH1486: Set of 4 very large (8-1/2" each) Belgian, brass. $165 set, one is bent. VDP0810-12: Set of 3 bronze flush ring pulls with aesthetic pattern, $75 set of three.
Row 6
VDP021010-11: Set of three petite ring pulls and matching knobs. $30 all     VDP050510-13: Set of 6 unusual stamped copper drawer pulls, a few wrinkles to body of pull on them. 3" on center, $48 set. SOLD VDP070110-18: Set of 6 sensational bakelite drawer pulls, 2" on center, $75 set of 6.

VDP041712-2: Pair of drawer pulls, 6" wide each, 5-1/4" on center. $20 pair.
Row 7
VBH1024-08: Pair of Bronze Piano Handles, $125 pair, Belgian VDP0110-7: Pair of cast brass pulls, $40 pair VDP3685: Pair of Piano Pulls, Belgian, brass, $140 VDP3687: Pair of Piano Pulls, with appliques to cover mounting, Belgian, brass, $195
Row 8
VCH1028-09: Brass ormolu from Belgium. These are not drawer pulls. These pieces adorned fine furniture and can adorn yours as well $125 each. VBH1024-13: Bronze ormolu, $55 Belgian VCH1028-09: Brass ormolu from Belgium. These are not drawer pulls. These pieces adorned fine furniture and can adorn yours as well $125 each.  VBH1024-06: Pair of Bronze ormolu, large, $150 pair, Belgian.

Row 9
VDP1002-28: Set of 11 brass Chippendale drawer pulls, depression era. These are 2-3/4" on center. $80 set. SOLD VCH012210-7: Set of 5 old glass drawer pulls, only one has the original bolts although we do sell the new ones as well. $35 set of 5 VDP022512-17: Set of 4 Eastlake drawer pulls, 2-1/2" on center, $80 set. VDP020210-6: Set of 7 solid brass flush ring pulls, excellent original condition, $125 set. SOLD
Row 10
VBH3451: Belgian ormolu, bronze, large, $75 VBH3454: Belgian ormolu, bronze, large, $75 VBH3453: Belgian ormolu, bronze, large, $75 VDP061311-23: Sweet pair of solid brass surface mounted drawer pulls/keyhole escutcheons. Measurements are 4" wide x 1-3/8" high, 3-1/16" on center. $40 pair SOLD
Row 11

VCH020112-5: Set of  12 bakelite drawer pulls, 2-1/4" on center. Plus one bonus knob! Brass plated necks are worn but otherwise, this set is in very good condition. $75 set
VDP022512-16: Set of 8 brass Colonial Revival swan neck drawer pulls, 3" on center, $40 set. VDP022512-15: Pair of small brass drawer pulls, 2-1/4" wide x 1" high, $14 pair VDP022512-13: Pair of North Wind face brass ornaments, mounted on a single post that threads into the back, one post is missing. 2-1/2" high x 1-1/4" wide. $50 pair.
Row 12
VDP022512-9: Set of 3 brass single post ring pulls, rings are 1-7/8" diameter, width is 2-7/8" max. $30 set SOLD VDP022512-10: Set of 3 heavy cast ring pulls with a laurel leaf motif. 2" diameter rings. $24 set. VDP022512-6: Single stamped brass drawer pull, 3" on center, $5 SOLD VDP022512-12: Set of 3 brass drawer pulls, 3" on center, $24 set
Row 13
VDP022512-11: Set of 3 brass single post ring pulls, backplates are 2-1/4" diameter, rings are 1-3/4" wide. $24 set. VDP042612-3: Solid brass cabinet door pull and latch. We do not have the strikes for these (sadly). $15 each, sold individually. VDP042612-4: Pair of solid brass drawer pulls, 2" on center. $20 pair VDP050212-9: Set of 4 nice cast brass drawer pulls, 3" on center. $40 set
Row 14
VDP042412-22: Pair of brass ring pulls, 2-5/8" wide each. $16 pair SOLD VDP042412-18: Pair of brass Egyption decorative ornaments for furniture. 2-1/8" wide x 3-1/4" high. $80 pair. VFH042412-19: Pair of lion heads made of plaster, off of a fireplace mantel. 4" high x 3.25" wide each. $60 pair.
VCK050312-7: Glas knobs with brass necks, these are not a matched pair so they are being sold separately, $14 each
Row 15
VDP050312-5: Set of 6 ebony glass drawer pulls, 3" on center, very good condition. $72 set VDP050312-8: Clear glass drawer pulls, each slightly different. We have many styles of these in stock. $7 each. VDP051412-7: Set of 8 brass plated single post pulls, Chippendale style. $40 set. SOLD VDP051412-3: 4 solid brass door or drawer pulls, 5-7/8" long each. $100 set of four.  
Row 16
VDP022812-1: 5 pieces of ormolu, festooned roses. Two pieces are meant to be installed vertically, and the center piece is a horizontal piece. Full set, $375. They measure: Small pieces: 4" high x 3-1/2" wide. Horizontal piece: 20", vertical pieces: 21-1/2". VDP051412-10: Solid bronze file drawer label holder pulls. We have a total of 8 of these, but only 5 backplates. We have all the screws with them as well. Each measures 5-1/4" wide x 2" high. Set of 8: $64 SOLD VDP052412-8: Bronze file cabinet label holders, set of 4. 3-1/2" x 1-7/8" overall. $24 set. VDP052412-10: Brass drawer pulls, set of 4. These are 4.25" on center. $32 set.
Row 17  
VDP062112-5: Set of 8 steel Chippendale style drawer pulls c 1940, 3" on center. $24 for the set. VDP101812-32: Pair of brass drawer pulls, 3" on center, $20 pair VDP101812-30: Set of 4 ring pulls, $16 set VDP091713-3: Set of 6 exceptional Neo-Classical bronze drawer pulls with three matching key hole escutcheons. $75 set.
Row 18
VDP101812-26: Pair of 1-3/4" on center ring pulls, brass, $10 pair VDP101812-25: Pair of single post ring pulls, brass, $10 pair VDP101812-24: 8 brass plated single post drawer pulls, $40 set SOLD VDP101812-17: Set of 6 diecast zinc drawer pulls, 4.5" on center. $18 set of 6
Row 19
VDP101712-15: 5 French Provincial drawer pulls, 3" on center, sold each for $3.50 each. SOLD VDP101712-14: 3 stamped brass drawer pulls, 3" on center, $15 set VFC101712-13: Set of 6 iron file cabinet label holders, 3-3/8" wide x 2" high. $54 set VDP101712-12: 4 solid brass drawer pulls, 3" on center, $32 set SOLD
Row 20  
VDP101712-9: Set of 6 brass drawer pulls, 2" on center, $42 set SOLD VDP101712-8: Pair of brass drawer pulls, 1.5" on center, $12 pair    

Antique Drawer Pulls