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The items shown on this page are antique items, being sold as is, in the conditions and limited quantities shown unless otherwise indicated. Please email us or call us at 888.558.2329 to inquire about availability, request additional information or photos, or to purchase these items.
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Row 1
DH021510-9: Corbin cut glass doorknobs c. 1910, excellent condition, with original keyhole covers, rosettes, mortise lock, and strike. These three sets are being sold separately for $275 per set.

VDH022510-5: Norwalk c 1870 bronze Aesthetic entry set, missing thumbturn only. This set has been restored, in beautiful condition. $595 set SOLD

VDH1028-07: Brass Entrance set including: knob pair, mortise lock, exterior door plate, interior door escutcheon, and keyhole escutcheon. Unusual square door escutcheon and double keyed lock. A great set! $425 SOLD VDH0916-18: Pair of heavy cast bronze convex knobs and escutcheons. $250 pair.
Row 2
VDH022510-6: Nice Russwin Art Deco entry door set, missing strike and key, $275. VDH012610-8: Nice Aesthetic style set, mortise lock with brass faceplate and strike plate, set of plates and ebony porcelain knobs. $265 set. VDH083010-4: Porcelain and glass doorknob pair, with soft green hand-painted flower on porcelain knob, includes brass and nickel rosettes. $125 pair

VDH0916-17: Pair of bronze convex doorknobs, escutcheons, and keyhole escutcheons. $275 set
Row 3
VDH012811-15: Set of bennington knobs and brass roses, $125 set. VDH121810-8: Bronze entry set, includes pair of knobs, rosette and keyhole for inside and plate for outside. Strike plate included. $425 s VDH060810-31: Nice set of ornate iron knobs & plates, $135 set. VDH060810-24: Nice French door lever set with mortise lock, strike, lever pair, rosettes, and key. Solid bronze, $275 set. SOLD
Row 4
VDK02279-1: "Hanford" pattern Arts & Crafts era solid brass door hardware set, includes pieces shown, strike, knob pair, plate with no keyhole, plate with thumbturn, mortise lock. $225 set. SOLD VDH092010-23: Bronze French door set, levers and plates, need latch and spindle. $225 set. VDK02279-9: "Hanford" pattern Arts & Crafts era solid brass door hardware set, includes pieces shown, strike, knob pair, 2 plates with keyhole, mortise lock. $195 set. VDK02279-10: "Hanford" pattern Arts & Crafts era solid brass door hardware set, includes pieces shown, strike, knob pair, 2 plates with keyhole, mortise lock. $195 set.
Row 5
VDH022610-11: Solid Brass Art Deco Entry Set. New old stock, double cylinder, includes strike plate & keys, $275 set. VDH022610-10: Deco passage set, stamped steel with brass plating, new old stock, excellent condition. $130 set. VDK02279-11: Yale & Towne Tudor revival set in solid brass, includes two knobs and spindle, two plates, and mortise lock. $165 set. VDH1013-4: Set of bronze Arts & Crafts knobs & rosettes, with mortise latch. Knobs are 2-1/8" wide (point to point). Lock dimensions: Faceplate is 4-1/8" x 1-1/16", case is 3-1/4" x 2"; backset is 2-1/2". $135 set.
Row 6
VDH10229-4: Nice original entry door set with large oval beaded plate, oval beaded knob to match, and smaller oval beaded thumbturn plate with glass knob for inside. Missing the strike plate. The glass knob has a large scuff or chip to the front face, it is not deep or sharp however. $345 set. VDH10229-3: Yale & Towne's "Madras" pattern in a very rare entry set. Missing strike plate. Includes the pieces shown, two knobs, two plates, and lock. $425 set. VCS1002-22: Pair of closet or cabinet door mortise locks with glass knobs and nickel plated rosettes. This tiny pair measures: doorknobs are 1-3/4" across (square side to square side), mortise latches are 1-1/2" backset, faceplates are 3-1/4" x 13/16". Sold as a pair, $150 pair VDH1009-4: Corbin door set c. 1930. Polished chrome set in very good condition, some minor wear to plating and a few scratches. Includes pair of interior knobs, cast rosettes, mortise lock, and cast keyhole escutcheons. $150 set.
Row 7
VDH121810-9: Ebony porcelain knobs with stamped steel door plates, nice Aesthetic pattern. Includes strike plate and key, $225 set. SOLD VDP10309-8: "Olympian" door plates, solid brass, sold separately for $35 each. VDK07099-1: Belgian cast brass Art Deco door set, c. 1930, includes all pieces shown. $225 (we have 5 complete sets of these, and 5 sets missing the keyholes, discounts available for purchases of multiple sets.) VDK07149-8: Sargeant iron entry door set, includes all pieces shown. $345 set. SOLD
Row 8
VDH1013-3: New Old Stock (NOS) by Yale & Towne. Solid brass petite knob pair with convex face. Includes mortise lock & strike, key, and also a pair of oval brass keyholes (not shown). $150 set. Lock dimensions: Backset: 2-1/2", spacing: 2-3/8", Faceplate: 5-1/8" x 7/8", case: 3-3/4" x 3-1/4" x 5/8". VDH1013-6: Set of Norwalk French Door hardware. Bronze knob/lever set with rosettes, lock, strike, and keyholes. Lock size: Backset: 2-5/16"; spacing: 2-1/4"; Faceplate: 5-3/8" x 15/16"; case: 3-1/16" x 3-11/16". $175 set. SOLD VCS1001-16: Nice Corbin mortise set with round faced glass knobs (large 2-1/4" diameter) and heavy cast rosettes. Includes nickel plated strike and nickel thumbturn, both knobs have brass necks, but one rosette is nickel. Lock size: faceplate is 6-1/2" x 1". Case is 3-1/2" x 4-1/2". Backset is 2-3/4". $250 set. VDH060810-26: Nice French door lever set, like the set in 3D, only nickel plated (very worn) and missing strike. $250 set SOLD
Row 9
VDH022610-9: Nice Corbin glass knob set from a bathroom door, one side polished nickel and one side polished brass, $135 set.

VDH02279-4: Bronze storm door set, new old stock, surface mounted. $145 VDH121810-12: Brass knobs and rosettes with matching keyholes, by Sargent. $145 set VCS0810-14: Heavy cast brass knob pair and single plate, fraternal organization emblem. $125 for the three pieces.
Row 10
VDK02279-13: Bronze Aesthetic door hardware set, includes lock, pair of knobs, and two plates. $245 set. VDH1021-10: Sager Mfg. Co. of Berrien Springs Michigan push button lock set, with emergency release button, in black plated steel finish. Complete set, New Old Stock. $55 set, several available, also available are VDH1021-21 "Inside Latch Set" which is a passage latch version, also $55 per set. VDH121810-14: Beautiful set of wooden rosettes and knobs with Greek key and oak leaf motif, $375 pair VDH012811-7: Jet porcelain knobs with steel door plates with original bronze wash finish. $125 set.
Row 11

VDK07169-1: French door set, includes mortise with 1" backset, petite 1-3/4" glass knob, and front and back rosette. This is a one-sided set, operable from one side only. The face of the solid brass mortise is slightly bent but can probably be straightened. $145 set.

VDH1002-25: Solid brass plates with a brushed brass finish and a nice deco touch- a black stripe. Also included are the original glass 12 sided knobs and strike plate in this New Old Stock (NOS) set. $150 set. VDH012811-10: Pair of Bennington style porcelain knobs with Aesthetic iron rosettes. $125 set. VDK007149-6: Louis XIII iron knobs & plates with copper plate finish. $150 set, 2 knobs 2 plates. SOLD
Row 12
VDK07149-3: Bronze Aesthetic style knobs and plates, wooden knobs. Mortise lock included, sorry no strike plate. $175 set. VDH010610-7: Bronze door set by the Gilbert Lock Company, circa 1886, excellent condition. Missing strike plate. $165 set.   VDH012811-8: Faceted glass doorknobs with deco plates, one brass, one nickel plated, $275 set.
Row 13 VH-101123.JPG (258904 bytes)
VDH012810-11: Nice set of cast brass oval door plates and knobs with mortise lock. $175 set VDH-1011-23: Belgian entrance set, bronze. $275 VDH020310-19: Bronze mid-century door set, missing strike and screws, $20. SOLD VDH020310-12: Bronze rim lock, nice heavy piece with oval knob with inside turnkey, see below. Missing keeper or strike. $60 as is.

Row 14
VDH07189-22: Nice set of Sargent c. 1875 bronze door plates and wooden doorknobs, $125 set. VDH022510-4: Nice brass doorknob pair with stamped plates. One plate has a wrinkle on the edge, $95 set. VDK061711-8: Two pairs of forged brass oval knobs and rosettes, $145 per pair, sold separately. VDH061110-30: Solid brass closet latch set, includes small mortise and also tubular latch, produced in the 1940's during the transition from mortise to tubular latches. $125 set.
Row 15
VDH012811-9: Round face glass doorknobs with brass rosettes, heavy forged. $225 set VDH012811-13: Brassdoor plates with glass knobs, $195 set. VDH020310-17: Chrome mid-century door sets, missing strike and screws, $25 each sold separately. VDH11209-8: Steel Aesthetic door sets with mortise locks, sold separately, priced at $155 per set (strike plates not included, sorry).
Row 16
VDP070110-19: Steel and brass door entry set, no lock. $75. VDH070110-4: Belgian brass knob and plate sets by Dandois, no locks, $180 per set. Many sets available.

VDH070110-5: Belgian brass knob and plate sets by Dandois, no locks, $180 per set. One set available. VDK07149-1: Bronze Norwalk French door set, petite white porcelain knob for one side and petite bronze knob for the other side. $295 set.
Row 17
VDH072610-21: 1930's brass stamped door plates and eight sided glass door knobs, excellent condition. $145 per set. VDK043010-7: Four sets of Norwalk bronze French Door hardware. Small knobs on one side, and turn on the other side (see photo below). Keyholes and strikes on 2 sets. Complete sets are $145, other sets are $95 each.

VDH012811-12: Brass Yale & Towne set of knobs and plates, $175 VDH072610-17: Pair of ebony porcelain knobs and steel Aesthetic style doorplates, c 1870, $95 set.
Row 18
VDH012811-4: Pair of white porcelain knobs with bronze Aesthetic roses and keyholes, we have several sets of these. $145 set. VDH121810-23: Bronze and chrome knobs and forged rosettes by Russel & Erwin. Very unusual and rare knob in bronze from their "Oxford" suite of Gothic hardware, shown in the 1904 catalog. $345 set VDH121810-20: Set of bronze cast plates with diamond faceted crystal door knobs. $325 set VDH012811-6: Bronze entry door set, $375 SOLD
Row 19
VDH021111-5: Brass octagonal Arts & Crafts knobs and rosettes. Many sets available, $95 per set. VDH081811-6: Antique Mallory and Wheeler "Arabic" entry door set. this set features a patterned mortise lock with 2 keys, two rosettes, one keyhole escutcheon, strike plate, and a pair of jet or ebony porcelain knobs. We are adding an Arabic entry plate as a bonus, this plate has some apologies as evident in the photo. $475 set. VCL081811-4: German privacy door latch, probably used on a train or bus, with indicator for "Occupied" or "Free". $75

VDH081911-1: Bronze door sets by Sargent, c. 1890, we have several sets of knobs and plates. $245 set. SOLD
Row 20
VDK101011-4: Russwin's "Pyramid" suite, pair of bronze knobs and rosettes. $145 set. VDH101011-6: Reading's "Eulalia" suite, an entry set. Please note that the thumbturn is missing the turnkey and shaft. $295 set. VDh101011-5: Reading's "Eulalia" entry set, a variation is shown in next column. This set has a lovely matching keyhole and oversized entry plate. No thumbturn. $325 set.

VDH101011-1: Nice double store door pulls, with rabbeted mortise lock with strike plate. Solid bronze. $475 set.
Row 21
VDH101011-10: Chantrell Hardware & Too Company solid bronze door set c 1930, entry set includes everything shown. $245 set. VDH111811-6: Iron surface latch with Bennington pottery knobs and iron rosette. No strike or keeper, sorry. $145 set. VDH121711-4: Eulalia door sets, solid brass with mortise locks and strikes. $225 per set. VDH022812-19: Nice bronze door set with ornate mortise lock, missing the strike plate. $295 set.
Row 22
VDH022812-18: Penn Hardware's "Daisy" pattern entry set, bronze, with original patterned strike plate. The thumbturn is a replacement and will need filing to work with latch, we can do this at no charge. $425 set VDH022812-6: Reading Hardware Company's "Mt. Vernon" pattern bronze entry set in beautiful condition, missing the strike plate. $475 set

VDH042612-6: Bronze door hardware set by Russell and Erwin, c. 1870, we have several sets in bronze and several in chrome. $125 per set (bronze)
$145 for the chrome
VDH050312-9: Bronze doorknob set called "Monica". Nice solid heavy set, probably by Corbin. $65 set as shown.
Row 23 VH1665_240pr.jpg (205598 bytes)
VDH1665: Great pair of Belgian ring pulls for doors. Pewter. $240 pair. VDH052412-14: Chrome Russell & Erwin doorknob set, includes plates and knobs, $145 per set (2 sets shown) VDH051613-11: Pair of petite porcelain knobs with iron rosettes and passage latches. Sold each, $125 per set. 2 sets available. VDH051613-17: Pair of beautiful Aesthetic style bronze knobs and rosettes, c 1880. $135 set, includes pieces shown only.
Row 24
VDH051613-22: "Ceylon" pattern door set includes mortise lock, knobs, and plates, sorry, no strike plate. Bronze, in very good condition. $185 set as shown VDH051613-23: "Ceylon" pattern door set includes knobs and plates. Bronze, in very good condition. $125 set as shown VDH051613-16: Norwalk Hardware Co. pattern Aesthetic door set includes knobs, mortise, and plates. Sorry no strike plate. Bronze, in very good condition. $225 set as shown VDH051613-12: "Roanoke" pattern door set includes knobs and plates. Bronze, in very good condition. $135 set as shown
Row 25
VDH051613-13: "Roanoke" pattern door sets includes knobs and plates. Bronze, in very good condition. $135 set as shown, per set VDH051613-15: "Roanoke" pattern door set includes knobs, mortise lock, strike plate, and door plates. Bronze, in very good condition. $235 set as shown VDH051713-6: Very nice Russwin door set from the 1930's, in a distressed brushed nickel finish, complete with strike plate. $275 set VDH051713-5: Nice entry set of glass knobs and plates, no lock. $175 set
Row 26
VDH051713-4: Stamped steel oval beaded knobs and plates, many available, $40 -$60 per set as shown (set shown is $40).

VDH051713-3: "Chatham" by Russwin, a lovely copper plated entry set in excellent condition, wear to knobs only. Missing strike. $375 set
VDH051713-10: Beautiful chrome Russwin door set, missing strike plate. $245 set VDH051713-12: Nice solid brass entry door set, missing strike and keys. $275 set as shown SOLD
Row 27
VDH051713-14: Nice double French door passage sets, lever on one side and petite glass knob on the other side, smal brass rosettes for both sides. This set will accommodate two doors. Lock not included. $160 for all shown. VDH051713-17: Nice solid brass door sets by "Chicago", beaded oval knobs and plates with mortise locks, $135 per set, many sets available.

VDH051713-19: Nice Colonial Revival brass entry set, by Norwalk, no strike plate. Glass knob, thumblatch, mortise lock, plate. $295 set
VDH051713-20: Entry thumblatch set and deadbolt escutcheon, $75 set.
Row 28    

VDH051613-24: Reading Hardware Co.'s "Richmond" pattern, entry door set in bronze, missing strike plate. $275 set as shown. SOLD
VDH121810-13: Nice set of Aesthetic iron knobs and rosettes by Sargent, c 1880. $135 set.  
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