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The items shown on this page are antique items, being sold as is, in the conditions and limited quantities shown unless otherwise indicated. Please email us or call us at 888.558.2329 to inquire about availability, request additional information or photos, or to purchase these items.
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VDB07189-20: Brass bell turn or pull, knob measures 1-5/8" diameter, $65 VDB061311-24: Nice glass and brassdoorbell turn, or dummy doorknob, $125 VDB07189-17: Nice glass and iron bell turn or pull, the glass knob measures 1-3/4" diameter. $125 VDB07189-18: Petite bell turn or pull, octagonal glass knob measures 1-1/2" across, $110
Row 2
VCH050510-17: Bronze hand door turn, or bell turn. Belgian, $75 VDB081610-1: Gorgeously cast door bell lever, silver plate, $165 VDB071812-3: Unusual one piece mechanical doorbell, push the button and it rings. This thing is LOUD! $195 SOLD VDB0809-07: Iron Bell Lever c 1870, probably made by Sargent. 3-1/2" high x 2-1/4" $110
Row 3
VDB0919-12: Sargent & Co. "Ekado" pattern bronze doorbell lever. Pat 1886. $295 VDB061110-34: Bell lever plate with thumb press, nicely cast from solid bronze, $175

VDB0807-28: Mechanical Doorbell, pat 1876, brass and iron. $150

VDB09309-1: "Taylor's Patent October 23, 1860" German silver or Alpacca crank doorbell, with original crank handle with porcelain knob. The crank handle has silver plating remaining on backplate only, it is worn off the arm. The bell was probably silver plated at one point but little silver remains, however the base metal has a nice soft nickel patina. This is in beautiful condition and has a lovely, very loud ring. $425 SOLD

Row 4
VDB011510-3: Bronze mechanical doorbell turnkey. There is a wrinkle in the bottom bevel of this piece but otherwise in good shape, $55

VDB052711-2: New Old Stock doorbell and chimes, satin brass finish. This kit includes two doorbell buttons and chimes. $275 set VDB020310-15: Nice bronze turn key, needs 3/16" shaft stock (readily available at any good hardware or sheet metal supply store) $125 VDB040110-7: Bronze Aesthetic style doorbell, missing contacts but does include bakelite bell button. $125
Row 5
VDB012010-15: Iron electric doorbell cover, by Corbin, in fair condition, with wear to casting and replacement (antique) button. $75 VDB092010-27: This is not a doorbell, but a switch of some sort. $25 VDB0316-15: Chrome and porcelain doorbell with black bakelite button, marked "G.E. Co." on side. $25

2-1/4" diameter

VDB0316-17: Stamped Brass doorbell with bakelite button, 2-1/4" diameter, $65
Row 6 VH1146_90.JPG (159867 bytes)
VH1146: Belgian multi  bell unit, brass with porcelain buttons. 3-5/8" wide x 6-3/8" high $90 VDB013010-3: Westinghouse doorbell chime from the 1950's, good condition although a dent in two of the chimes. $65 as is. VDB0316-19: Brass double doorbell, 4-7/8" high x 1-5/8" wide, $65. VDB092010-26: Nickel plated doorbell, with 5 bakelite buttons, $145
Row 7
VDB061611-2: Electric door bell, has been tested and it does work, $45. We can have the bell replated in nickel for an additional $45. SOLD VDB062911-26: Bakelite doorbell button, new old stock. $45 VDB062911-25: Bakelite doorbell button, new old stock. $25 VDB062911-24: Bakelite doorbell button, new old stock. $35 SOLD
Row 8
VDB062911-23: Brass Bell Turn, $75

VDB062911-22: Steel Bell Turn, $45
VDB062911-21: Brass Bell turn with shank, $125

VDB062911-20: Nice cast brass bell turn, $125
Row 9
VDB062911-19: Brass Bell turn, $125 VDB070511-18: Bronze and brass trolley bell with the monogram "JS". Missing the pull chain. This bell does not sit flush on a surface on top and bottom, as it was mounted on a trolley rather than a flat wall. $135. SOLD
VDB080811-9: Brass and iron lever door bell, 3-3/4" diameter. Works fine, $150. SOLD

VDB010212-5: Cast iron and brass pull-chain door bell, pat 1878, in great condition. Works well. $175
Row 10
VDB020112-7: Cast iron Aesthetic doorbell lever, fair condition with pitting. $95

VDB022212-1: Taylor's Patented mechanical doorbell, solid brass with the original turn showing some of the original alpacca or German silver plating and a porcelain knob. The bell is in working condition. $275.
VDB050212-7: Copper doorbell with original button and interior mechanism. $125 VDB100312-6: Porcelain doorbell turn, $65
Row 11  
VDB101812-1: Boxing bell - very loud! This is solid brass with an iron base. Works great. base is 12-1/2" x 16". $275

VDB121812-50: Brass lever-operated doorbell, patent date 1872. Good working condition. 4-7/8" diameter. $195

VDB121812-32: Glass and brass bell turn, $125
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