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The items shown on this page are antique items, being sold as is, in the conditions and limited quantities shown unless otherwise indicated. Please email us or call us at 888.558.2329 to inquire about availability, request additional information or photos, or to purchase these items.
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VSG1015-04: Good pair of cabinet doors with beveled glass diamonds, Wood frame needs some attention. Each is 18" W by 36" T $375.00

VSG0520-01 Elegant set of 5 leaded glass doors with some flash copper hardware still attached.
 Each panel is 22" W by 42" tall. $725.00 SOLD

VCD0816-04: 30" x 40" gumwood, $425 pair

VCD040611-02 Nice set of 3 leaded glass cabinet doors with some of the latches and hinges. Overall size of each is 21”W by 54” T $325.00 Set

Row 2  

VCD092611-01: Nice pair of vintage cabinet doors. Textured opaque glass. 39” tall by 36” Wide. $65.00 pair

VCD092611-02: Nice pair of vintage cabinet doors. Textured opaque glass. 46” tall by 28” Wide. $65.00 pair  
VCD062611-02 Set of 4 craftsmen style leaded glass windows in very good shape frames made of chestnut were stripped and refinished. 1 crack. Each door is 17” W by 37 ¼” T. $750.00 for the set.

VSG042611-13 Leaded glass sidelights 2 pair to choose from all in excellent condition. 10” W by 68” T $395.00 per pair.

Row 3

Outstanding set of praire style cabinet doors. Dont regret not buying these. 32" by 57 3/4"  overall. $850.00

VCD092211-01: Set of 2 gorgeous craftsmen style leaded cabinet doors  in very good condition. Frames made of oak were stripped and refinished. Each door is 19-3/4” wide x 34-5/8” tall. $650.00 for the set.

VCD100611-02A nice set of 4 leaded glass gumwood cabinet doors each door is 15 ¾” W by 43 7/8” T all in good shape One door does have 1 small break. $650.00 Set.

VCD110311-02: An interesting pair of oak mission style cabinet doors not made for glass. Overall 46” W by 41” T Joints a bit loose so will need a little attention. $100.00pr.

Row 4

VCD020112-06 Nice set of four cabinet doors they do need new frames current ones are warped. The glass is in good shape some new frames and you are ready to go. Each door is overall 15 5/8” W by 36 5/8” T glass panels are 11 ¼” W by 31” T. $475.00 Set of 4


VCD020112-07 Could be a great set of four cabinet doors with some new frames, old ones are warped. Each door is 18 ½” W by 41” T the glass panels are 14 ½” W by 36” T. $475.00 set of 4

VSG102011-02 Not often we see 4 matching pairs of leaded glass cabinet doors with oak frames, in a gothic style. All are in good condition. Each pair is 30” W by 50 “ T. $425.00 pair or $1,495.00 for all SOLD

VCD030512-4: Pair of leaded glass cabinet doors in Oak frames;  12 ½ x 40 ½ each.  Note the astragal lip on each cabinet door- these do not interlock  when in the closed position.  Lip could easily be removed.  $450/pr.


Row 5

VCD031512-03 Pair of painted pine cabinet doors. In good shape just need a cleaning and a fresh coat of paint. 30” W by 53” T

VCD032112-01 Beautiful set of 4 mission style oak cabinet doors. Each door is 17” W by 75” T. in good shape other then one cracked panel. $395.00 per pair

051312-01: Clean pair of Arts and Crafts or mission style oak cabinet doors in good condition.  38” W by 45 3/8” T $250.00


VCD051312-02: Three leaded glass cabinet doors 2 are a pair and a third bonus door. Need new wood frames made and some breaks repaired but a good starter pair. Pair is 34” W by 38” T overall, the single is 17” W by 38” T $295.00pr and $165.00 single


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VCD062812-02: A nicely designed little pair of leaded glass cabinet doors, leaded glass is in good shape no breaks just could use new frames. 26” W by 40” T $375.00 pair

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